Here Is Your Opportunity to Get the Best Return on Your Greatest Asset… Your Employees!

Studies show that investing in your employees’ health is a smart decision . For every dollar you spend (or opportunity you create) for wellness programs in the workplace, you will see a dramatic reduction in absenteeism, staff turnover and healthcare costs. You will see an increase in productivity, energy and confidence for your employees, leading to happier clients and greater profits.

The Winnipeg Winter Club offers a corporate health and fitness program that will contribute to the success of your employees and your organization!

On top of the many perks already offered to Winnipeg Winter Club employees, corporate members will receive:

  • 2 team building customized classes offered per year
  • Templates and collateral to encourage a healthy lifestyle among your employees
  • Fitness challenges for employees
  • Inclusion in a WWC Networking Business Directory
  • Networking events throughout the year
  • If the employee is not interested in joining, the employee’s family member (living in the same household) will be offered the same rate

Corporate programs can be set up at no cost to your workplace, but we do encourage businesses to subsidize the memberships for employees participating to get the most benefit for your business.

To learn more about how we can create a customized corporate program for your organization, please contact the Winnipeg Winter Club Membership Director at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at (204)452-3311 ext. 141.