From November 19, 2020 09:00 until November 19, 2020 20:00
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On Thursday, November 19th the WWC will be hosting a Flu Clinic to help our members stay healthy this year! You can book your appointment with the front desk by email or by calling (204)452-3311.


As you may be aware, the flu season is upon us. The highly contagious virus can be debilitating, putting strain on one’s personal well-being as well as their professional well-being. It leads to sick days and decreased productivity and the worst part is that it spreads like wild-fire, affecting others and triggering a bigger drop in productivity.
In addition to consistent hand-washing, one of the best ways to reduce your risk is to get the annual flu shot. Health care professionals highly recommend it as it basically “trains” your immune system to fight off the flu. However, it is understandable that having a busy professional life can make it difficult to take the necessary time to properly take care of yourself.

Last year, over 50 flu clinics were scheduled successfully and we hope to do more. Again, there is a one page pre-assessment, which can be done before hand. This is used to proactively screen and ensure the flu vaccine is appropriate and safe. (eg. Allergies, Medical Conditions, Drug interactions, etc.). The Manitoba Health card is required, as it is needed for coverage and documentation. Simply this is how the “flu-shot” gets logged on to your medical history. The entire process takes a couple minutes and before long, you are back to doing what you do best, life!
By getting the flu shot, it reduces the risk of getting the flu, as you come in contact with numerous clients and colleagues. It prevents sick days and reduces any potential loss in productivity. Ultimately this enables everyone to reach their full potential at work.


What is the flu vaccine?
There are many different strains of flu virus that circulate each year. The flu vaccine does not protect against all of them. Every year, scientists monitor the global spread of flu and decide which flu strains will likely cause the most illness during the flu season. Those strains are then put into the flu vaccine for that year so each year, the vaccine is different. For this reason, and because protection provided by the vaccine decreases over time, it’s important to get the flu vaccine every fall.

The flu vaccine cannot offer protection against other viruses or bacteria that cause the common cold or stomach flu.

 Appontment times available 9:00-10:00 am and 4:00-8:00 pm. Each appointment takes approx 3 minutes to complete.


Click HERE to print your pre assessment form that you will fill out and bring to your appointment.