From September 10, 2020 15:44 until October 04, 2020 19:46
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Online Member Declaration:

By filling in my Name and Member Number and clicking SUBMIT, I hereby declare that I have fully read and understand the COVID-19 Member Procedures and will adhere to them at all times while present at the Winnipeg Winter Club.

I agree to use the self-assessment tool found at before attending the Winnipeg Winter Club each time.

I agree that should I answer YES to any of the questions on the Self-Assessment tool, I will not be present at the Club and follow the advice of Shared Health Manitoba, such as seeking further medical advice or self-isolating.

I agree that under no circumstances will I be present at the Club is showing any symptoms of COVID-19 or general illness, nor have I recently traveled out of province for non-essential purposes, or am under direction to self-monitor or self-isolate.

I agree that Management at the Winnipeg Winter Club reserves the right to refuse entry if they feel you are in violation of procedures and protocols.

I agree that if I am found to have failed to comply with the protocols and self-assessment tools, I will be subject to a 1 month immediate suspension.

I understand that until I have completed this declaration, I will not be permitted to be present at the Winnipeg Winter Club.

Please note that procedures and contents of the Covid-19 member Procedure Manual will be subject to change without notice and everyone must complete their own due diligence to ensure they remain up to date on changes to policies and procedures.