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We are excited to see you in person!

Though we have loved connecting with you through Zoom at our junior classes, there is something about connecting face to face that is even more special.

Connect with us in the Junior Lounge at our Day Camps beginning June 8th.

Our Junior Lounge Day Camp Program is perfect to have your childrent engage in a creative, exciting, and safe small group setting. We have many projects, activities and games planned for the upcoming month to grow and learn together. and we will also assist with your child's school work requiremnets. When sendiong your child to camp send any homework that they have. If your child participates in any online work or class time, please send them with a digital device to access this as well as all class access information that would be required.

Ages 6+

Monday-Friday 8:30 am-4:30 pm

Cost: $45 per day $200 per week

Only 5 spots available!

Members will receive priority registration in camps. 

Non Members- Although we have not opened registration to non-members at this time, we are allowing non members to be added to a wait list for camps. If guidelines change and it is safe to increase our capacity, we will reach out to all non members on the waiting list. If members have not filled all the spaces, we will contact those on the waiting list 1 week before the start of camp with availability.

Please view the Junior Lounge section of our Covid-19 Member Procedure Manual here prior to registering.


Be aware that although restrictions are eased, safety precautions must remain in place until there is a universal vaccine or effective treatment for Covid-19.

⎯ Maintaining physical distancing of 2 meters from others at all times except for occasional and brief interactions. Do not gather in groups.

⎯ Thoroughly and regularly wash or sanitize your hands. Minimize or avoid unnecessary contact with objects or surfaces. Please cough or sneeze into your elbow and away from others.

⎯ Not being present at the Club if you are showing symptoms of Covid-19 or general illness: Cough, Sore Throat, Fever, Weakness, Runny Nose, and/or Headache.
⎯ Not being present at the Club if you have traveled outside of Manitoba in the last 14 days.
⎯ Not being at the Club if you are under direction to self-monitor or self-isolate.
⎯ Remain up to date and informed on the contents of the Covid-19 Member Procedure Manual.

1. Junior Lounge Guidelines
⎯ We have developed a number of policies and procedures to ensure that we are providing the safest possible environment for you, your children, the staff, and the community.
⎯ We have also enhanced our list of cleaning and disinfecting procedures to be done frequently, situationally and throughout the day to assist us in providing a clean and healthy environment for everyone.
⎯ Please limit the items you are sending to the Junior Lounge on a daily basis to jackets and lunch kits. 
⎯ Our ratio is 1:5. 2. Day Camp 

  1. ⎯ Our Junior Lounge will be running a Day Camp Program Monday – Friday from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm.
    In order to follow safe social distancing guidelines, we only have 5 spaces available each day.
    ⎯ Registration must be made in advance through the website or by contacting 204-452-3311.
    ⎯ Drop off is between 8:30 – 9:00 am and pick up is between 4:00 – 4:30 pm.
  2. Drop off and Pick up Procedures
    ⎯ Arrive to the Junior Lounge no earlier than 10 minutes before your booked time.
    ⎯ Upon arrival to the Junior Lounge you will line up to have your child screened for entry.
    ⎯ Everyone is asked to respect physical distancing guidelines.
    ⎯ Drop off will be done in the at the door of the Junior Lounge, no one will be allowed inside the Junior Lounge except for authorized staff and children.
    ⎯ We ask for your patience while completing the screening process
    ⎯ Once screening/questionnaire has been completed and approved, a staff member will take your child to put their belongings away, assist them in washing their hands and get them settled in a room.
    ⎯ Pick up of your child can be done any time during the pick-up hours listed above. If you need to arrive early for pick up, please inform your camp leader when you drop off in the morning.
    ⎯ Parents will not be permitted inside the Junior Lounge.
    ⎯ We will adjust these guidelines and ease restrictions to the center as information and comfort levels change. Important: You must notify the Club if your child will be absent from camp. Please notify us no later than 8:30 am if your child will miss their scheduled camp day.
  3.  Snacks & Lunch

⎯ Send enough food for your child to snack. Please make sure that you include an ice pack to keep items cold as we will not be refrigerating any items.
⎯ Label all items.
⎯ Please do not send food that needs to be heated up.
⎯ Send your easiest-to-open containers to encourage the children to open on their own, if possible.
⎯ Lunch will also be available to order from Urban Prairie Cuisine if preferred

  1. Illness Policy
    ⎯ We will not accept sick children. Should your child become ill during their visit, we will notify you to come pick them up.
    ⎯ Due to the nature of our operations as it relates to any pandemic, exclusion and limited exposure to the other children and our staff is very important in preventing the spread of illness in the center.
    ⎯ Symptoms include but are not limited to:
    ○ Cough
    ○ Fever
    ○ Runny nose, nasal congestion
    ○ Sore throat
    ○ Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea
    ○ Headache
    ○ Muscle aches
    ○ Feeling unwell/fatigued
    ○ Poor appetite
    ○ Difficulty breathing/shortness of breath
    ⎯ If your child falls ill at the center, we will take the following steps:
    o Staff will utilize PPE
    o Isolate the child in a separate area
    o If the child will tolerate, we will have them wear a surgical mask
    o Perform a temperature check and assess other symptoms
    o Contact family for immediate pick up
  2. Physical Distancing and Healthy Practices 
    ⎯ We have implemented a variety of measures to help us encourage physical distancing and continued healthy practices in our programs. To help limit the possibility of the transmission of the virus, we will be looking at ways of minimizing the movement of children and staff throughout the Junior Lounge. The same staff will be with the same group of children throughout the day. 
  3. ⎯ Physical distancing is understandably a very hard concept for young children to comprehend and abide by. It is difficult, if not impossible to guarantee that this can be maintained throughout your child’s visit. To the best of our ability, we will practice the following:
    ○ Physical distancing for all adults in the building which includes limiting the number of people in the building and physical distancing of 2 meters between staff members.
    ○ Physical distancing for children with no symptoms. We will continue to treat your child as we typically care for a child. Staff will arrange spaces to encourage more separation among children during free play/activities and during snacks/meals.
    ○ Clearly defining play spaces using visual aids such as tape on the floor.
    ○ Staff will have discussions/conversations with the children about the importance of physical distancing and remind the children, as needed, about having their own space, and respecting the space of others. ○ Signs for proper hand washing and proper cough/sneezing procedures are posted in every room as an additional visual aid for reinforcing and reminding children about healthy practices.
    ○ Staff will teach, encourage, and model proper handwashing techniques with the children.
  4. Staff
    ⎯ Will undergo the same screening/questionnaire process as the children on a daily basis.
    ⎯ Have received training on procedures for proper donning and removal of PPE.
    ⎯ Have been provided with extensive information on health and safety procedures - handwashing, coughing/sneezing, social distancing of 6 ft between each other.
    ⎯ Will be doing enhanced cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting throughout the day.
  5. Online Learning ⎯ We understand that many of your children are still doing online learning with their teachers and class. If your child has regular schoolwork to complete, we will support this during our camp time. Send all schoolwork/digital devices your child will need to complete their work.

Camp 9:00 AM-4:00 PM

Standard Drop Off- 8:30-9:00 am 
Standard Pick Up-4:00-4:30 pm

Early drop off available 8:00 am-8:30 am and late pick up available 4:30-5:00 pm at additional $5 per day. Must be booked in advance. 

Some of our activities include:
Science Experiments
Fitness- Yoga & Stretching
Gym Games
Field Trips to local library, fire hall, forks and splash pads all within walking distances

Items to Bring:
Non-Marking Running Shoes
Bathing Suit
Water Bottle

$225 Members     $275 Non Members

4 Day Camp Week: $180 Members          $220 Non Members

Day Rate:
$55 Members      $65 Non-Members

All fees will have GST added.
Charges billed to member accounts or non members must supply a credit card.

If you don't need a full week and only need certain dates, please indicate what days are needed, otherwise you will be billed for the full week.