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 3 Teams- ROUND ROBIN | Food & Complimentary Beverage Thursday Night 

Your Hockey Committee will be meeting on Friday March 1st to draft the tournament teams. Each player will be contacted with their team information and game schedules.



8:00-9:00 pm Team 1 BLACK vs Team 2 RED (Team 3 has a bye)


8:00-9:00 pm Team RED 2 vs Team 3 BLUE (Team 1 has a bye)


1:15-2:15 pm Team 3 BLUE vs Team 1 BLACK

**if at the end of these 3 games any 2 teams have a tie,  there will be a tie breaking match Saturday at 3:00-4:00 pm**

Goalies must be present for all games.


Tournament Rules:

    • No slap shots (waist), if you do refs will blow the whistle and
      face-off taken to the offending teams end. 
    • Each game will consist of 3 x 12 stop time periods.
    • The roster that is completed when teams are formed is the roster for the ENTIRE TOURNAMENT. There will be no adding of players. There will not be a spare list.
    • Any penalties will result in a 2min penalty
    • Depending on severity of fouls, the committee will decide if individual is out for the remainder of the tournament.
  • There is a zero tolerance for fighting. If a fight occurs players will be ejected from the current tournament as well as the following tournament.
  • In last 5 minutes of 3rd period if there is a 5 goal lead game will play with running time


  • Points accumulated from games amongst the tied-teams
  • Goals against in the games played amongst the tied teams
  • Goals against from all games played in the round-robin
  • Goal differential from all games played in the round-robin
  • In the instance that the tied teams are not able to be identified through the above criteria, a shoot-out will take place prior to the 3rd Place match to determine the appropriate placements.

In the result of a tie at end of 3 games there will be a tie breaking game played on Saturday 3:00-4:00 pm

Tournament Mixer- Thursday March 7th

Included with your registration is a fantastic tournament mixer taking place on Thursday night

If you have the bye on Thursday come out and watch the game from the comfort of our Bistro on the second floor.

Following the game there will be delicious food served for all tournament participants and you will receive your complimentary beverage drink ticket. 


Assorted Chicken Wings

Assorted Pizzas

Mac & Cheese Bites

Nacho Chips with Spicy Queso and Salsa

Caesar Salad


When you arrive for your first game of the tournament you will find WWC tournament jerseys in your teams colour on the bench in the skating lounge. If you rent a private hockey locker stall, your jersey will be placed in your stall. 

At the end of all of your games, please return your jersey to the laundry basket that will be in the skating lounge. This way we can clean them, ensure all jerseys are accounted for and have them put away for future tournaments. 


Make sure you have noted your scheduled game times on Monday, Thursday and Saturday as they begin right on time. 

Familiarize yourself with your tournament rules in advance.

Remember that the Bistro is open on all Tournament game days! Head upstairs before and after your game times for a bite to eat and beverages. They will have some specials all players.


Team 1 BLACK- Monday 8:00 pm and Saturday 1:15 pm

Bruce Boyd

Bobby Yovic 

Keenan Stewart 

Geoff Westdal

Erik Psooy

Jay Comeault

Shawn Scarcello

Karim Asham

Cam Hampshire

Jack Psooy


Team 2 RED- Monday 8:00 pm and Thursday 8:00 pm

Brian McWhirter

John Hare

Greg Thompson

Rob Logan

Dylan Thompson

Trevor Breckman

Connor Meagher

Mark Harrison 

Ryan Murray

Katrina Armstrong

GOALIE: Christian McCormick

Team 3 BLUE- Thursday 8:00 pm and Saturday 1:15 pm 

Jon Stewart

Tom Ambrosie

Geoff Kirbyson 

Wayne Friesen

Riley Peake

Jeff Moroz

Kanwal Saran

Paul Kawchuk

Tim Dean

Alex Kirbyson 

GOALIE: Guy Gauthier