On Thursday, November 19th, the WWC will be hosting a Flu Clinic to help our members and staff stay healthy this year. Due to high demand, we have once again extended our flu clinic by another hour from 7:00-8:00 pm. Please book your appointment with reception.


Please remember when booking courts online that we are still not allowing guests into the Club. Your passes will be honored once restrictions are eased. Thank you for helping us to keep WWC safe by following our guidelines!

Remember that courts booked and not used is what makes all tennis players frustrated! Please be diligent in cancelling a court as quickly as possible so that other members can have the opportunity to book and play!


With Covid-19 there are less members travelling as well as an influx of new members all looking to play more tennis. Of course this has put a strain on the courts. This will take a little time but here are some facts and figures for the membership to be aware of:
- There are no non-member lessons or programs. Everyone on the court is a member.
- Junior programs have not expanded. In fact 4 slots have been opened for member booking. Balmoral Hall girls and others have been added to Academy programming.
- Booking pressure is due to the increase in adult members and members who are in town and no longer travelling.
- Researching some booking tweaks on late afternoon/evening on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays to open additional slots for member booking.
- Looking to cut off Clinic Registrations/Friday mixed nights 3 hours before the event. If numbers and level of players can be accommodated on fewer courts then remaining court(s) will be released for member booking!


When it comes to Covid-19, we are all in this together. Let's help each other out!

- Do you really need to book a court and play every day? There are many areas of the Club to explore and try! Play a little badminton once a week! Test out squash one day a week! Get in the gym once a week! Pickleball is coming soon    on the badminton courts! Give that a try! There are options. The Winter Club has so much more to offer than just tennis. Give something else a try!
- If you want to play 2 times a day, why not consider making only one member booking and then attending a clinic or a Friday Mixed night as your second on court time?


Stay home if sick. Even mildly. Wash/sanitize your hands frequently and cover your cough with your elbow. Physically distance yourselves when around people not from your household and please wear your mask!


The Government of Manitoba has just released -  
With the growing number of cases in the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region, the province is introducing targeted measures under the Restricted (Orange) level of the #RestartMB Pandemic Response System to reduce community spread of the virus by reducing close-prolonged contact  between people. 
These measures will come into effect on Monday, October 19th, for a minimum of two weeks, and include:

  • Requiring gyms and fitness centres to collect contact information for all attendees. 
What does this mean for the Winnipeg Winter Club?
  • You NEED to pre book before coming to the facility so that we can track who is in and who has come into our facility hourly and daily. NO exceptions.
  • Gyms and fitness centres remain at 50% capacity. We are in compliance with our capacity restrictions we have already put in place. As well we are constantly monitoring class sizes to ensure that adequate social distancing can properly occur and the number of member who can participate in all Club programming is subject to change.
  • The current measures requiring mandatory mask use in indoor public places continue to be in force in the region. Your mask MUST be on before you enter the facility and MUST be worn in all common areas.
    • When you come up from the locker room to go to any area of the Club please wear your mask.
    • When you are at your locker, please wear your mask.
    • When you walk from your locker to the shower area, please wear your mask.
    • Wear your mask! 

Compliance to the above will keep you safe, our members safe, our staff safe, and our Club operational.
Thank you for your cooperation. 

We are so ready for the fun to start with this introduction to Jazz. Class begins this Saturday, October 17th 2:00-2:45 pm. When arriving for class, drop your child at the Junior Lounge dressed and ready to dance!


Reminder that all visits to the Babysitting Center and Junior Lounge must be booked in advance. You must arrive to pick your child promptly at the end of your booking time. You can book up to 7 days in advance with the front desk.

Beginning on Saturday, October 17th and Sunday, October 18th weekend Member Hockey will be starting up again. Remember to book in up to 7 days in advance with the front desk.


Mondays 8:00-9:30 pm
Thursdays 7:45-9:30 pm
Saturday 3:00-4:45 pm
Sunday 3:30-4:30 pm


We are excited to get you back on the ice and learning from our skating team this fall! Lessons begin on Saturday, October 17th 9:45-10:30 am and Monday, October 19th 5:15-6:00 pm.