The Winter session is starting to come to an end! The last classes for the WWC Swimming Lessons will be on the following days!

Tuesday, March 12th
Wednesday, March 13th
Thursday, March 14th
Monday, March 18th
Friday, March 22nd
Saturday, March 23rd


1. Boosts brain health: A small study found that just being in water increases blood flow to the brain. Participants were immersed in water up to chest height and scientists measured blood flow to the brain while they were in the water and again when they drained the pool. They suggest their findings could indicate a positive impact on brain health. A healthy blood flow to the brain is important for supplying it with oxygen, glucose and nutrients, as well as protecting if from harmful toxins.

2. Beach benefits: Findings have suggested that immersing yourself in natural water in the open air is particularly good for positive mental well-being (great news for you cabin goers!). Some research has also found that those who live closer to the coast report higher levels of good health and wellbeing, though it’s not clear if this is definitely down to being by the sea. More research needs to be done.

Join us on March 1 for a 3 course dinner featuring clam chowder, bacon wrapped sirloin steak & chocolate mousse cake. Make your reservations with reception today.


Contact catering to book your next great meeting at the club. We look forward to serving you!

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Here are the end dates and restart dates for 8 week Spring session

-Tuesday 5-6:30 pm & 6:30-8 pm Otto Academy March 19 (restart April 2)
-Wednesday 5:30-6:30 pm ½, ¾, Le petite March 13 (restart April 3)
-Thursday 5-6:30 pm & 6:30-8 pm Otto Academy March 21 (restart April 4)
-Friday 5:30-6:30 pm ½, ¾, Le petite March 15 (restart April 5)
-Saturday 9-10:30 am Otto Academy March 16 (restart April 6)
-Saturday 10:30-11:30 am ½, ¾, Le petite March 16 (restart April 6)
-Saturday 4:30-6 pm Otto Academy March 16 (restart April 6)
-(Mon-Wed-Fri) 4-5:30 pm Otto Academy March 22 (restart April 1)
-Sunday 4:30-7:30 pm Junior league March 17 (restart April 7)
-Balmoral Hall Lessons- Last Day is Thursday March 7 (restart April 11)

Contact Peter Otto to register for spring session.Programs fill fast so do not delay!


Here are the end dates and restart dates for 8 week Spring session
-Adult leagues- End on Various dates. Check schedules
-All CLINICS – Final day Friday March 22 (restart April 1st week)
-Mondays New Member night- Final Day March 18 (restart April 1st week)
-Fri Mixed- Final Day March 15th (restart April 5)

Contact Peter Otto to register for spring session


The spring and summer tournament schedule is now available. Start planning to enter and play! The season gets under way first week of May! Click the link


Congrats to the following juniors who will be competing in their respective indoor national competitions in their respective age divisions. Good luck to all! They are:

-Under 12- Evan Peters and Jacob Yee
-Under 16 & 18- Reece Carter and Stefan Barre

We kindly ask that all cell phones be set to vibrate or silent mode. Incoming and outgoing calls must be handled in a discreet manner and in remote areas so that other members are not affected. Texting and emailing is permissible in all areas of the club. When using your cellular phone, please consider other club members who are present, and the use of cellular phones should be in private so as not to disturb other members. Common sense should prevail!

The 2019 Canada Winter Games have wrapped up in Red Deer, Alberta and our men's and women's teams represented their province proudly. Our men's team ended up in 5th place overall, narrowly defeating Saskatchewan on the points tie breaker after all the matches left the teams tied in games one. Manitoba managed to win just 6 points more than our neighbours and retain bragging rights for another 4 years!

Our girls team, which was the youngest at the games, performed well beyond expectations and finished a very respectful 9th, defeating PEI in their last match up. Both the men's and women's teams had a memorable experience that they will cherish for the rest of their lives. They played extremely hard and improved as each match went on. Way to go TOBA!


The Manitoba Open deadline is Thursday March 7th as the tournament will be running next week at the WSRC from March 11-18th. There will be events for players of all levels, including multiple doubles events. If you are interested in playing, please register here.


Our Spring Break Tri Racquet Camp is coming up March 25-29 and spots are starting to fill up . The camp is for kids ages 8-14 and keeps the participants active all day. Each day there is an hour and a half of all three racquet sports as well as an hour in the pool to finish off. Participants even get to choose their lunch from a menu each morning. For more information and to register, please visit our website. Special member price!