WWC COVID-19 Bulletin #6

Dear Valued WWC Members,

We want to give a quick shout out to all of our members who are working on the front line of this pandemic in Winnipeg.  Many of our members are risking their own health to help others and we just want to say thank you and be safe. 

With the closure of the Winnipeg Winter Club our maintenance team has been taking advantage of this time to do our annual Club maintenance which would otherwise have closed down club areas in normal course of business, impacting member utilization.

Presently we are in the process of;
·         Conducting annual maintenance of our Aquatics Centre
·         Conducting annual maintenance of the Dominion Securities Centre
​Other projects throughout the facility;
- both locker rooms have been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized 
- fitness area thoroughly cleaned and sanitized 
- squash walls scrubbed 
- tennis courts swept and surface vacuumed 
- daily general cleaning 
Ladies Locker Room 
- break up the floor area in the  shower area to replace two five foot compromised shower drains​
- shower values adjusted to increase water flow
- replacement of the pool entry door
- installation of new toilets
- replacement of 14 units in the facility with low flow units
- Badminton court sanded, painted and stained
- Tennis lights repaired
- Disco ball in the rink repaired
- Paint lockers in men's and ladies locker rooms
- Paint main areas throughout the facility 
- Main water line shutoff value repaired 

Stay healthy and remember, we are all in this together.


Your WWC Management Team and Board of Directors


Dear Valued WWC Members,

The Board and Management are committed to helping our Members through this extremely challenging period.  In response to the Government of Canada’s announcement to help businesses through the wage subsidy program (CEWS), the Winnipeg Winter Club Board and Management have examined the precise effect this will have on our budget.  Our Management team has already taken measures to reduce or eliminate other operating expenses down to the bare minimum – they have left no stone unturned.  Now by reducing our payroll cost via the CEWS subsidy, we are in a position to consider providing some relief to members by way of a partial reduction in dues.  Of course it is primarily membership dues that pay for all Club expenses, including wages, and therefore members should participate in any operational savings that can be realized.
We are very pleased to advise that members will see an immediate 33% membership retention credit that will be applied to their monthly membership dues for the months of April, May and June*

It is important to note that wages are not the only operating expense of the Club, so while we are grateful for the support provided through the wage subsidy program and our ability to retain employees, operating costs are still incurred.  Without the wage subsidy, full membership dues would be required to meet minimum monthly obligations even with massive cuts to operational expenses, since there is no replacement for revenue lost from rentals, lessons, food and beverage, and so on. Our overarching goal is to protect the Club so when this crisis resolves, there is a Club to return to.  Supporting members where possible now and retaining members is clearly a critical part of this strategy.
*The 33% membership retention credit is a special application and only applies to members who do not tender resignations during this period (April-June).  The adjusted dues, after application of the member retention credit, remain due and payable in the normal course.  Club By-Laws require Members provide 6 months’ notice of resignation.  Should a Member tender their resignation during the period in which the member retention credit is in effect, their regular dues remain due and payable to the Club for the entire 6-month period.


Your WWC Board of Directors and Management Team

Virtual Field Trips to Take



Visit some of the best art galleries in the world virtually. From Paris to New York to Amsterdam, kids can see priceless works of art from the world’s most famous artists.


  • Choose a favorite painting or sculpture and create a copycat piece of art.
  • Research an artist. This is a great book about some amazing artists kids should know about link).
  • Choose a piece of art to focus on. Describe it, tell why you chose it and how it makes you feel.
  • Choose 2 works of art to compare.


Zoo webcams have allowed visitors to drop in on the habitats of some of the zoo’s favorite animal exhibits.



Just like with zoos, aquariums have used webcams to let you visit their exhibits virtually. In addition, some aquariums have set up virtual tours led by their staff to give visitors a more in depth look at their facility.



In this day and age, it is easier than ever to travel the world without leaving home.


  • Plan a trip to a new destination. What would you do, see, eat?
  • Make a travel brochure for the destination you visited.
  • Write a postcard from that destination. Include details about the place and what you can see there.

WWC Covid-19 Bulletin #4

Dear Valued WWC Members,

We are guessing you are starting to feel a little stir crazy now that the Club has been closed for almost 2 weeks!  We are too!  Our team has been shifting to home offices, filming workout classes for our members and video conferencing.
We are definitely all in this together!

Be sure to check out the workout videos and tutorials posted on our
YouTube Channel Here
Videos will be uploaded regularly

You will also soon start to see invitations to LIVE virtual workouts on ZOOM 
Zoom is a virtual platform for meetings, workouts and socializing!  
Stay tuned.

Lastly, check out some fantastic Ready Made Meals for backdoor pickup or delivery from our friends at URBAN PRAIRIE CUISINE

Ready Made Meals 
$10 in 1L containers
Beef Stew
Chili (Vegan Available)
Vegetable Stew
Pork and Vegetable Soup

Lasagna (feed 9-12 people, $40)

Pizza (16 inch. $15 each)
Assorted Toppings

Individual Meals and Snacks (ask for pricing)
Meatballs (BBQ, Tomato or Honey Garlic)
Taco Salad
Grilled Chicken Breast
Coconut Lime Breaded Shrimp

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call Chef Dan at (204) 930-3948 to place your order.

We hope you are staying healthy and supporting our city, country and globe to
Flatten The Curve.  


Your WWC Board of Directors and Management Team

I always appreciate using recycled material to create fun crafts and activities. 

This is a favourite for sure when we make it.


All you need is:

- toilet paper roll

- construction paper to glue to the outside of the toilet paper roll

- glue 

- pom poms 2 sizes 

- googly eyes

- tissue paper

You don’t have to make a green dragon with orange and yellow fire, you can get as creative with colours and additional decorative items as you want but for step by step instructions of what we did, check it outhere!