1. Social hubs: Swimming is a form of exercise you can do by yourself, which is great because you can go when you want and you don’t have to rely on anyone else. Yet swimming pools and leisure centers do encourage socializing – because they are also key community places. Whether it’s meeting in the café afterwards, taking part in a swim challenge or doing water aerobics. Pool can be a great place to meet new people!

2. The colour blue: There is no concrete scientific proof that being in blue spaces improves or enhances mental wellbeing. Studies have had mixed results. But the colour blue is often thought of as calming and is abundant throughout the natural world – especially the sky and the sea on a beautiful day. You might also have hear of the term “biophilia” which means love of nature and refers to our inbuilt desire to be near and connected with nature. This phenomenon could explain why we feel positive and happy when we are by the sea or near bodies of water.


Final WWC classes are Monday March 18th, Friday March 22nd and Saturday March 23rd! Registration for the Spring 2019 session begins on Sunday, March 24th!