Courts booked in the time you wanted? Soon you will be able to put yourself on a waiting list. Please read the PDF or Word document attached) for the instructions on how to get on the wait list, being notified of a court and how to book that court from the waiting list. This should dramatically increase booking efficiency!


Every member should be aware of some of the basic etiquette of the courts. The full list is below but here are a few that I see constantly and are easily avoided!

*When entering / leaving the courts, respect any matches / games that are in progress and enter / leave the courts quickly when a game has ended, or there is a suitable break in play.
*Do not retrieve your ball from the other court.
*Wear proper tennis footwear so they don't mark up the court
*Water Glasses from Cafeteria/ locker are allowed but must be returned
*All garbage/recyclables you've generated, is placed accordingly after you finish your court time.