Effective March 26th, you will see the following changes to the Court Booking Policy for Tennis at the Winnipeg Winter Club. These changes were designed to create a fair and equal opportunity for members to have access to court times throughout the week. By adding a waitlist and signups for clinics, we can ensure that courts are available to members if they are unused.

1. If member has a prime time slot up to 3 days in advance already booked, next time you try and book, your eligible time to book again will be 11:00pm (includes waitlist) The system will automatically send you a message indicating this.**

2. A waitlist feature will be added to the online court booking system. When logging in, you will have the ability to get on a waitlist for a specific court booking that is already spoken for. If you already have a prime time court booked, you will not be eligible to get on a waitlist for a prime time slot.
If the court is cancelled and you are next on the waitlist, you will be notified via email. Note: It is YOUR responsibility to go in and cancel this and any other bookings if you are unable to make them. If you fail to do so and are a no-show and you will be penalized as a no-show.
It is important to know that when you go on a waitlist, you are accepting this responsibility.

3. Sign up for Clinics: Members are required to sign up online for a clinic that they are attending. We ask that you sign in 24 hours in advance. Should you decide to come after the sign up period, there is a possibility that there will not be a spot for you if the tennis department decides to cancel a court as a result of low sign up’s the day prior.
**NOTE: this change is in effect during the Prime Time Seasons only. During the summer, members will be able to book at their leisure; the waitlist function will still be available.
We are sure you can appreciate with any change there may be hiccups, and we ask that you have patience and understanding with us during this time.


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