After months of hard work we are delighted to officially announce that our new and refreshed mobile-friendly website is now live. You will notice many updates to our website, including improved content, an improved mobile experience, and a plethora of other smaller, but impactful, changes. All of this will make your experience on the WWC site that much better for you. We hope you find the new website much fresher, with easier to access information. We also wish to establish this portal as a source of information for those who visit our site and are interested in the facility. Enjoy our new look!

As an extension of the popular Be My Guest and VIP Referral Program, we are pleased to introduce the Winter Referral Reward Program. Beginning on January 1st through March 31st, introduce friends, family members and colleagues to become a member at the Winnipeg Winter Club for a 30 day trial period. If your referral becomes a member before April 15th, you will be entered into the draw for a $4000.00 travel voucher! The more often you refer and your referrals become members your chances increase on winning. Contact Andrea today with your referrals name and number and she will show them around the facility to begin their 30 day trial.

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