Dear Valued WWC Members,

All lockers are being evaluated and members’ contents in the lockers are being removed and tagged with the locker number and member name. Any contents above the lockers are being put into the box of contents matching the below locker.  We have completed the men's locker room and members' hockey dressing rooms as they were still removing the wet carpet in the ladies' area.  
MALE members are asked to pick up their personal belongings that were contained in the MEN’S LOCKER ROOM and HOCKEY DRESSING ROOMS between 8:00 am - 4:00 pm Monday to Friday. It is imperative and urgent that that our members come to the Club to pick up items, as we are using all available space to store these contents that will alter and effect our re-opening. Please do not wait until the Club re-opens, we really need your cooperation on this! Access will be through the Pro Shop doors and not the main entrance as only construction personnel are permitted through this door at this time. 
We have established a list of lockers that sustained minor water damage to the base of the lockers and have submitted a Schedule of Loss Form into these boxes that may have compromised contents.  If you wish to claim for damages to personal property caused by the flood at Winnipeg Winter Club on January 26, 2021 you are required to complete the attached schedule of loss forms. 
Complete columns 1 – 6
1.    Description – listing as much detail as possible (make and model)
2.    Where Purchased – name of store, dealer or persons from whom it was purchased
3.    Date of Purchase – month, year
4.    Purchase Price – the original cost at the time of purchase (not including taxes)
5.    Replacement Cost – todays replacement cost of this item with one of like, kind and quality
6.    Replacement Price Source – name of the store the replacement price was obtained
Please fill out and sign the form and return to the Winter Club within fourteen (14) days of picking up your personal property.  Do not dispose of damaged items until your claim submission has been concluded with our insurers. If there is no form in your content box and you have damaged belongings please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will email you a form.  

Thank you,

WWC Management