Covid Bulletin #53

Dear WWC Valued Members,

As we begin to close the book on 2020, it's remarkable to consider just how many challenges we've faced over the past year. From the pandemic to economic uncertainty, it's understandable to feel like there is nothing left to be thrown at us from life's proverbial bag of challenges.

But there are also a multitude of blessings to be found from the past year. Stories of neighbors helping neighbors, businesses working together or evolving to help meet the changing needs of our communities, nonprofits and organizations seeing more need — but also seeing more donations and willingness to help than ever before.
The sad truth is we are hardwired to process and pay attention more closely to bad news than we are good, but it’s so important to recognize this one truth:
It’s not all bad news. Even in the most challenging moments, people find room to share grace with others.
So as you share time with your loved ones this holiday — and please stay safe — look for simple opportunities to weave grace into the lives of others. Shovel your neighbor’s walk, thank your mail carrier, bus driver or any front line worker, pay for someone’s groceries if you can or simply call that friend you’ve lost touch with.
Doing so will help all of us close out 2020 on a positive note — and look forward to better things on the horizon in 2021.


Today is the last day to place your orders for New Years Eve!
Please see the attached menu.


If you are interested in participating in these classes please contact our Fitness Director 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to obtain details and the access code for each class available. 

Saturday, January 2nd - 10:00am Fitness Frenzy
Monday, January 4th - 9:30am Cardio, Core & More
Tuesday, January 5th - 
9:30am Pilates /  8:15pm Yin Yang Yoga
Wednesday, January 6th - 
6:30am Strength and Conditioning / 12:00pm Over-Core
Thursday, January 7th - 9:30am Gentle Flow Yoga
Friday, January 8th - 9:30am Full Body Blast
Saturday, January 9th - 10:00am Fitness Frenzy 

Thank you for the great feedback on these classes! We are so glad to hear that your children have been enjoying all of the fun activities Jessica has been putting together.

Congratulations Nichole Mailey who won our big Christmas Miracle Giveaway from our @wwc_families Instagram contest!

​If you are interested in participating in these classes please contact our Facilities Coordinator 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get your supplies list and access code. 

Wednesday, December 30th
10:00 am Crafty Corner: DIY NYE Confetti Poppers 
2:00 pm Paint with Jessica: Winter Fox 
4:00 pm MAKERS: Pom Pom Garland 

NEW * Babysitting Certification Course
Monday, January 4th - Friday, January 8th 5:30-7:00 pm 
The deadline to register for our upcoming Babysitting Certification Course is
this Friday, January 1st
Class starts Monday!

Monday, January 4th
11:30 am Crafty Corner: Paper Plate Fish
4:00 pm Paint with Jessica: Snowy Mountain Tops (Level 2)
Tuesday, January 5th
11:30 am Crafty Corner: Cardboard Tube Puppy Dog
Wednesday, January 6th
10:30 am Crafty Corner: Oil & Water Droplet Painting 
4:00 pm Paint with Jessica: Galaxy Night Sky (Level 3) 
Thursday, January 7th
4:00 pm Makers: Melted Crayon Candle Making 
Friday, January 8th
2:00 pm Crafty Corner: Toilet Paper Tube Space Rocket 
4:00 pm Crafty Corner: Egg Carton Train 

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Your WWC Management Team and Board and Directors