Covid Bulletin #41

Dear Valued WWC Members,

Your Board and Management continue to be committed to providing any relief we can to members through this extremely challenging period.  While we all understand the need to protect the capacity of our overwhelmed healthcare system, we also all share in the frustration as the Club is again forced to suspend activities during the Government of Manitoba’s Code Red which came into effect on November 12th.
Rest assured that the Board, working hand in hand with our Management Team, continue to analyze the Club’s financial position and monitor all expenses throughout this difficult time, responding to conditions as necessary.  The Board has a fiduciary responsibility to protect the Club and be a good custodian of the assets, a duty to all members/shareholders. Ultimately, our overarching goal is to protect the Club so when this crisis resolves, all of us have a Club to return to! 
WWC staff have been reduced to the minimum number of essential administrative and maintenance people (for example, Provincial regulations and our insurer require certain staff be maintained; for this reason we maintain an Engineer on site to manage our Ammonia Plant in order to comply with insurance and security requirements);

  • We continue to take full advantage of any relief programs for which we qualify, including the Federal Government’s CEWS program;
  • The government subsidies are not sufficient to make up for the lost revenue, therefore with great regret staff in positions such as the front desk, locker rooms, child services, junior lounge, trainers, and some maintenance staff have unfortunately been laid off;  
  • We have cut operating expenses to the extent achievable and deferred our mortgage payment.  Of course, insurance premiums, property tax, utility bills, etc. continue to be paid. 


These severe austerity measures have provided enough reduction in expenses to once again allow us to extend a 33% monthly membership dues reduction to members for the month of December.
Payments scheduled for November 20th will continue to be processed in the normal course; this is critical because commitments were made by the Club for the standard obligation of mortgage, utilities, wages and so on.  The Club will not be considering any new membership “holds” and changes at this time; all changes requested prior to November 15th will still be honored.  Further, the only revenue source for the Club currently is membership dues – all other streams of revenue have ceased (F&B, lessons, programming, rentals, etc.).
The Board and Management recognize that the challenges and individual circumstances will vary within our membership base. The Board understands and appreciates the need to provide as much relief as possible to individual members with an overarching goal of retaining membership, while balancing the need to fulfill our fiduciary obligation to protect the Club and its member-owners at large.  If you are in the unfortunate position of extreme hardship and require relief on your dues payment please contact General Manager, Rob Guthrie, and the Board will examine this case by case.
For anyone that is able, please support our exceptional Urban Prairie food service with “take out” orders. 
Your Club needs your support now, more than ever.  Please hold strong with us, and take care of yourself and one another. 

Your WWC Management Team and Board of Directors