Dear Valued WWC Members,

How are you doing?  We want to take a moment to check in to see how all of our members are doing in this uncertain time.  Coping with stress is one thing, coping with the stress related to a pandemic is another thing.
Remember to find ways to cope with stress to ease some of the pressure:

  • Take breaks from watching, reading or listening to news stories, including social media.  Hearing about the pandemic can be repeatedly upsetting. All of our social media outlets are designed to lift your spirits and give you virtual workout options!
  • Take care of your body.  Take deep breaths, stretch and meditate.  Join Meagan Wilson’s Wednesday Zoom Class called RELAX DEEPLY which brings you through a gentle stretch and meditation to relax you and help you sleep. Email for details
  • Try to eat healthy, well balanced meals.  Apparently the sale of junk food (and toilet paper!) is on the rise.  Now is the time to try new healthy recipes with balance, or order a delicious, balanced meal from our friends at Urban Prairie Cuisine (email for a menu).
  • Exercise regularly and get plenty of sleep.  These go hand in hand!  Be sure to check out our Instagram account @wwc_fitness with regular workout postings, notifications and tips!  Also we are posting many workouts on our YouTube Channel.
  • Make time to unwind.  Try to do some other activities you enjoy.  We have attached a few unwinding activities for adults that you maybe have always considered but never tried.  If you are looking for activities for the family or the kids, check out our Instagram account @wwc_families!
  • Connect with others.  Talk to people you trust about your concerns and how you are feeling.  Connecting via phone, text, video conference, email or written letters are all great ways to connect.  Connect with us too!  Send an email here addressed to any of our staff and we will ensure the note gets forwarded on.  We would love to connect with you! It doesn’t have to be about sport, it could be about family, Ozark, workout tips…. Anything!   (info from cdc.gov)

Stay healthy and stay safe and remember, we are all in this together.
Your WWC Management Team and Board of Directors