Located in the men’s and women’s locker rooms, the steam room is a great place to relax before or after a workout. Please keep the following safety and courtesy guidelines in mind when enjoying the steam rooms:

     • All persons using the steam room do so at their own risk.
     • Due to high temperatures and/or humidity, the steam room can be dangerous to your health. Staying too long in a heated area is capable of causing overheating, unconsciousness and death. It is recommended that you consult your physician before use.
     • Do not use if you are pregnant or have high/low blood pressure, heart disease, kidney disease, respiratory or circulatory problems, and/or other medical conditions that might be adversely affected by high heat and/or humidity.
     • The following are not permitted: shaving, eating and drinking, street/workout clothes and shoes, oil fragrances (including eucalyptus) and other body or facial treatment products.
     • Persons with skin infections, open wounds or any communicable diseases may not enter the steam room.
     • Please sit on a towel when using the steam room.
     • Lights are to remain on while in use.
     • Please do not leave cups or towels in the steam room.
     • Use caution when walking as floor may be slippery when wet.