Club News

Towels – when you have finished using your towel in any area of the Club please toss it into one of the towel bins.

Cups – as previously noted, we will no longer be using paper cups in the facility so we encourage you to bring your own water container. If you happen to require a cup, there are reusable plastic cups available in the locker rooms that we wash after each use and we kindly request you return them to the locker room area. 

Garbage and Recycling – we have a lot of garbage and recycling bins around the Club, please use them!

For security reasons, please do not put any objects in any door jam or doorway in the facility to prevent it from properly closing and locking. Thank you.


A huge thank you to the group of members who arranged and bought lunch for our team this past Tuesday. Over 30 of the Winter Club’s staff, coaches and trainers enjoyed a fabulous lunch courtesy of your generosity!

We sent out an e-mail this morning informing members that phone lines were down at the Club. Everything is back up and running now. 


Easter Brunch – Sunday April 12th – Reservation required
Brew Ha Ha Dinner – Friday April 17th – Reservation required
Mother’s Day Brunch – Sunday May 10th – Reservation required


We test our pool water daily to ensure that the “Free Chlorine” and “Combined Chlorine” levels comply with regulations. 

The WWC pool water consistently measures between 2.0 mg/l and 4.75mg/l of Free Chlorine and it must be maintained within the range of 1.0 mg/l to 5.0 mg/l. As for the Combined Chlorine, it cannot be more than 1.5 mg/l and the WWC pool water fluctuates daily under the regulated level.

We also have water samples sent to an independent laboratory for bacteria testing.The independent testing indicates our water is well within the regulated parameters.

Parking is not permitted in the roundabout in front of the WWC as emergency vehicles cannot get by these parked vehicles.


Monday February 17th - WWC open 10:00 am – 6:00 pm