You look around and you see love letters, boxes of chocolates, huge bouquets of flowers, and gigantic teddy bears. That could only mean one thing: the season of love is here! It’s that time of the year when it’s perfectly fine to become extra showy and all sorts of cheesy.
Let Urban Prairie help you transform into one of the most romantic persons, and help you become better prepared for that one special day. Candle light dinner, fabulous 4 course meal, for only $85 per couple or $45 per person.
Seats will go fast!! Book your dinner reservations through Urban Prairie Cuisine.


Visit us in the Ice Cafe, open 7 days of the week, for your quick lunch and dinner.


Friday night at The Wint, January 19, INDIAN BUFFET
Open Tuesday to Friday at 5:00 pm,
Saturday 11 am to 5 pm


Tickets available through Urban Prairie, give us a call at the club. Saturday, January 20th Scotch, traditional Scottish fare and tons of fun. $80.00