Thankfully during a time when social distancing is being asked of the community, we are still being encouraged to enjoy the outdoors. Why not take your education outdoors with forest school?

Forest school is about allowing your children to take the lead in their outdoor education. Instead of teaching your children about nature and the great outdoors, act as a guide and fellow nature explorer by using activities as a starting point for your day to day adventures in learning.

Once play has been initiated, step aside and allow it to unfold naturally.

It is important to encourage your children to find their own interests in the natural world. As parents and educators, we need to create space for children to discover clues and find the answers to the questions they pose.

Approximately every week we will post a new challenge for your family to enjoy explore together!


Lesson 1 Forest School Challenge

This week’s activity is to hug a tree. You’d be surprised how much kids love to do this. They have so much fun giggling running from tree to tree. This may be due to my own enthusiasm. Monkey see — monkey do!

Have you actually ever hugged a tree? If not, this is your golden opportunity. Don’t worry… I won’t tell anyone. Nor will I point and laugh. Give it a try, no one has to know if you don’t want them to. Take a picture if your up for it. Pictures of people hugging trees are always display worthy.

Go ahead… Try it. I promise you won’t be disappointed. You can choose any tree you want and hug it once, or choose a whole forest and go to town. Up to you.


Educational opportunities:

  • Hugging and touching tree’s and their parts provides a rich sensory experience for children.
  • Identify and talk about the different parts of a tree.
  • Identify and talk about different types of trees that live in your area.
  • Identify and talk about different creatures that live in and around trees