Babysitting resumed regular hours this past Monday. This means it will also be open on Saturday! If you require care after 1 pm on Saturdays, we stay open as late at 5:30 pm with reservations made at the front desk. We look forward to seeing you.


The Junior Lounge After School Programming reopened on Monday. Reminder that if your child goes to SJR, they have a bus that comes to the Club after school each day. Our Junior Lounge staff meets the bus to ensure all students make it safely inside. Is your child just starting to get more independent? Let us know their lesson schedule and we will send them off in the right direction when they get into the building, or they can come back to the Junior Lounge for some games, crafts and other fun. We even check in to see if their homework is done and if they need any help.


We are running high energy beginner jazz dance class for our Junior Members ages 4-7 years old. Learn beginner dance movements and combine them into a full performance by the end of the session.

Dress Code: Tank top/T-Shirt, sweat pants, non marking athletic runners (no skate shoes)
When: Saturdays 1:30-2:00 pm
Session: January 13th-March 17th
Cost: $75 (10 classes)

Register at the front desk or by contacting Jessica