The 2017 Cardinal Capital North American Racketlon Championships are taking place June 16th-18th at the WWC. 

Racketlon is a 4 sport racquet competition where you compete against your opponent in a game to 21 in each of Table Tennis, Badminton, Squash and Tennis. When the score becomes insurmountable the match is considered complete. We have events for all players of all levels, no matter your competitive level. We even have master and junior divisions. All players must enter online by June 5th, you can enter through a number of sites including the following:


The WWC will be hosting 3 weeks of Summer Tri Racquet Camps this Summer. Our camps are designed for kids ages 8-14. Each day participants take part in 1.5 hours of Squash, Badminton and Tennis. They also get to choose their lunch from a menu each morning and finish each day with an hour in the pool. For more information please visit us at

  • Week 1: July 3rd-7th
  • Week 2: July 10th-14th
  • Week 3: August 28th-September 1st