The annual member holiday handicapper is coming up next Monday, Dec. 3rd. The handicapper is always a member favorite. For the event, all players compete in one big draw no matter their skill level. Each player is awarded a score to begin each game with. The more beginner the player, the higher the beginning score. The more advanced the player, the lower the score they will begin with. For example, our most novice player may start at +13 and our advanced player at -13 both playing to a score of 15 points. One player having to get 2 points, while the other has to get 28 points, thus leveling the playing field for the novice level player.All participants will be competing for their chance to win one of the coveted holiday Turkeys! The night gets underway at 545pm with the creation of the draw by pulling of names out of a hat.

The night will also include some munchies, adult beverages and prizes. Cost is only $12. If you would like to play, please contact Trevor by email or at ext. 105


The WSRC fall classic squash tournament is happening this weekend at the Winnipeg Squash Racquet Club. There will be events for all levels including multiple doubles events. Play will be running over the course of the weekend for anyone who wants to check out the action.