Who do you know that works downtown and is looking for an opportunity for balance. I don’t mean juggling work, fitness, family and more, I mean finding peace in that balance of making everything fit into their lives.

That is what the Winnipeg Winter Club offers. If you have a busy family, coming to the club together provides the perfect opportunity to watch your kids increase their skills in a lesson, participate in a program together, break bread together, and get a chance to work out alone or in a fitness class while the kids in childcare. If you tried to fit that into a day, it would take hours with travel time. We have it all in one location.If you work downtown, coming to the club before, at lunch, or after work gives you that opportunity to find that balance, whether it’s for 45 minutes or two hours (including your steam of course)in your day of work and family life.
When you really think about it, the Winnipeg Winter Club really is the place to be!


Get your VIP referrals in before the end of May! You can also give your VIP referral names to me now, but we can wait to offer the program in the fall as that is when families are back in the city and ready to rip around the Winnipeg Winter Club!