Last week we had our Flu Shot Clinic at the Club so I thought I would talk about a few ways to avoid/help you when/if you get a virus:

1. Take a contrast shower (or steam/cold shower combo). This increases the number of circulating white blood cells and can ward off a full-blown infection.
2. Rest!
3. Avoid antibiotics during this time (they kill the healthy bacteria you need to fight off a virus)
4. Take Vitamin C the moment you feel a virus coming on.
5. Eat simply. Avoid sugars, fats and limit juices and fruit (especially dried fruit). Drink plenty of fluids (up to 3 quarts a day is recommended!).
6. Keep hands, feet, neck and ears warm because blood flow to the nasal structures falls as the temperature of the extremities fall.
7. Get fresh air but avoid drafts (good luck in our winters…).
8. Get outdoors for a little sun to help to boost the immune response. This is another challenge, you can also consider a Happy Light (I have one in my office if you ever want to check one out!)
9. Don’t be too eager to reduce the fever, it is a defense mechanism of your body.
10. Avoid touching your face and WASH YOUR HANDS as much as possible!

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If you can stomach it, check out this video from Texas A&M about the right way to sneeze

If you do get sick, the #1 thing to remember is…. DO NOT COME TO THE CLUB! We have many children, pregnant mamas and just everyone, who would prefer not to be infected with a cold or any other kind of virus. Continuing your normal level of activity usually results in worsened symptoms and a longer illness. Particularly if you have a fever. Go to bed so that your body can do the work of healing without interference. Come back rested, renewed and ready to work out again!

Let’s keep our Club healthy this season!