Did you know that Happy People still smile 40-50 times a day, but the average person only does so 20 times a day. So why are you not smiling more? Smiling actually makes you, the person smiling, happier regardless of the situation. Normally we are hardwired to smile only during pleasant situations. The brain in turn releases endorphins which lowers stress and improves your overall mood, hence making the situation pleasant. (www.lifehack.com)

So when you walk into the club, receive a smile from our receptionist and give one back! You both will be happier in the long run!


Did you know that guests can only visit the club if they are with an active member? Guests are not permitted to come into the club and have a steam or a workout while waiting for the member to arrive. We will ask the guest(s) to wait in the lobby until the guest arrives with them. Guests are also only permitted to come 2x per month and up to 10x per year. If you have a guest who wants to visit and enjoys the club 8+ times a year, give them my card at the front desk! I am happy to talk to them about membership.