You need an excuse to get out. You know, out of your sweatpants, out of your routine, out of watching re-runs of The Office on a Friday Night.

The holiday cocktail party FRIDAY is that excuse! We have wine tasting, great food, some live music and more!

Our club’s culture was designed with social opportunities in mind. Whether it’s in the gym, on court, on the ice or in the pool, your social interactions are positively impacting your quality of life. But there are lots of positive reasons to attend our purely social events at the club and based on my research, here is why:

     a) Slow down - more than ever we can see that our members are bustling in a fast paced lifestyle. We see so many families rushing in, rushing out, and trying to achieve (or overachieve) the many activities that they feel they need to do. Stop. Breathe. Take a break. You are doing yourself and your family a favour. At home it is difficult to give yourself that break, so allow us to give you the best excuse.

     b) Increase your feeling of connectedness – Life can seem a bit darker or sadder but getting out can change all of that. Feeling like you’re part of something can do wonders for days when you are feeling particularly anxious and lonely.

     c) Date Night – Date nights are particularly valuable right now, when our culture gives us such high expectations. As a result, couples ‘increasingly expect high levels of intimacy, communication and personal fulfillment’ from their relationship. Date nights may strengthen or rekindle that romantic spark that can be helpful in sustaining your relationship over the long haul.

That’s enough from Dr. Sharon today, we will see you tomorrow night at the cocktail party! Be sure to rsvp with reception.