There is no Skills & Drills on Wednesday, November 11th.


Capacity- Be mindful of distancing and capacity requirements in common areas and Arena dressing rooms as they change based on current Health Orders.

Masks Required- The current measures requiring mandatory mask use in indoor public places continue to be in force in the region. Your mask MUST be on before you enter the facility and MUST be worn in all common areas.
When you come up from the locker room to go to any area of the Club please wear your mask. When you are at your locker, please wear your mask. When you walk from your locker to the shower area, please wear your mask.


All visits to the Club require advance booking. Contact the front desk by phone or email to register for hockey up to 7 days in advance and up to 2 days in advance for Open Ice, General Skating and General Hockey.

Gathering in Groups- Congregating in groups is not permitted in the facility or on our grounds.

Player's Benches- There is additional seating set up behind the players benches. Maximum 4 on each player’s bench, 4 on each side in the additional player seats and 1 in each penalty box.

6 feet of separation is required at ALL times:

-In the locker rooms
-On the benches
-On the ice

Arrive no earlier than 20 minutes before Member Hockey and exit the Club immediately following your booked activities. Post-game gathering is not permitted at this time. Please bring your own water because water stations are currently unavailable. Towels are NOT to leave the locker room. Members are welcome to continue to bring their own towel if they wish.