With over 50 members taking part this year, the 2017 WWC Fitness Challenge was one of the most participated in Fitness Challenge months on record.

We have begun featuring a few of our 2017 champions on social media over the last week but for a sneak peak here are the 2017 champions for the various individual challenges:

  • Paul M with 75 push-ups completed
  • Vince C with 24 chin-ups completed
  • Hugh T with holding a front plank for 6:15
  • Jen K with holding a wall sit for 6:37
  • Marcia L and Amanda H with both climbing 250 feet on Jacobs Ladder in only 2 minutes
  • Mostafa S with rowing 640 meters in 2 minutes
  • Alex L and Mostafa S with both biking 1.1 miles in 2 minutes
  • Evan with skipping 884 reps without stopping


We are thrilled to see the following members set the bar a bit higher with these WWC Fitness Challenge records that many members will strive to beat in the coming years.

A huge congratulations to:

  • Ted M who completed 451 feet on the VMX Rope Climb challenge in just 2 minutes
  • Dan H who completed the CN Tower stair climb of .34 miles in 2:13
  • Grant O who completed the 1 mile run in an impressive 6:08