I always appreciate using recycled material to create fun crafts and activities. 

This is a favourite for sure when we make it.


All you need is:

- toilet paper roll

- construction paper to glue to the outside of the toilet paper roll

- glue 

- pom poms 2 sizes 

- googly eyes

- tissue paper

You don’t have to make a green dragon with orange and yellow fire, you can get as creative with colours and additional decorative items as you want but for step by step instructions of what we did, check it outhere!



​From your WWC Board of Directors

Fellow Winnipeg Winter Club Members: 

Just a courtesy reminder of our previous communication regarding dues:

The Board of Governors met on March 16 and determined that the Club would close to Members on March 17, as it was urgent that we supported the recommendations of public health authorities to help slow the rate of infection due to COVID-19.  Four days later, the Government of Manitoba legislated that all wellness facilities, including athletic clubs and gyms, must close under public health order.

The Board further determined at that meeting that membership fees, shareholder dues and sustainability fund would continue to be charged and payable, even though the Club would be closed for a period of time.  We are a member-owned, private, not-for-profit organization –  these fees are fundamental to paying the monthly mortgage, utility bills and salaries of our full time core staff. 

Payments scheduled for April 20 will continue to be processed in the normal course; this is critical because commitments were made by the Club including necessary repairs, seasonal maintenance, etc.  as well as the standard obligation of mortgage, utilities, and so on.   Further, the only revenue source for the Club currently is membership dues – all other streams of revenue have ceased (F&B, lessons, programming, rentals, etc.).

Food assessment and locker fees have been suspended.

Our Finance Committee is preparing an analysis of cash flow as well as various financial models based on different scenarios or assumptions.

The Board will continue to evaluate the situation; the Club is reducing expenses wherever possible, and we are making every effort to mitigate the impact this has on members while trying to protect the future of the Club. 

Canvassing similar Clubs across the country (including Calgary Winter Club, Royal Glenora Club, Hollyburn Club, et al) it is clear we are all in the same position with respect to closure and complete reliance on membership dues to cover annual operating expenses.

FINAL THOUGHT:  We have heard numerous members lament how much they miss the Winter Club already!  It would be hard to imagine life without the WWC, and hard to imagine Winnipeg as a major City without a Winnipeg Winter Club.  Please hold strong with us, and take care of yourself and one another.


Your WWC Board of Directors ​and Management Team

Thankfully during a time when social distancing is being asked of the community, we are still being encouraged to enjoy the outdoors. Why not take your education outdoors with forest school?

Forest school is about allowing your children to take the lead in their outdoor education. Instead of teaching your children about nature and the great outdoors, act as a guide and fellow nature explorer by using activities as a starting point for your day to day adventures in learning.

Once play has been initiated, step aside and allow it to unfold naturally.

It is important to encourage your children to find their own interests in the natural world. As parents and educators, we need to create space for children to discover clues and find the answers to the questions they pose.

Each week we will post a new challenge for your family to enjoy explore together!


Week 1 Forest School Challenge

This week’s activity is to hug a tree. You’d be surprised how much kids love to do this. They have so much fun giggling running from tree to tree. This may be due to my own enthusiasm. Monkey see — monkey do!

Have you actually ever hugged a tree? If not, this is your golden opportunity. Don’t worry… I won’t tell anyone. Nor will I point and laugh. Give it a try, no one has to know if you don’t want them to. Take a picture if your up for it. Pictures of people hugging trees are always display worthy.

Go ahead… Try it. I promise you won’t be disappointed. You can choose any tree you want and hug it once, or choose a whole forest and go to town. Up to you.


Educational opportunities:

  • Hugging and touching tree’s and their parts provides a rich sensory experience for children.
  • Identify and talk about the different parts of a tree.
  • Identify and talk about different types of trees that live in your area.
  • Identify and talk about different creatures that live in and around trees


Hello WWC Membership!

We are one week into social distancing and things are changing hourly within our province, nation and globe. We will try to support you any way we can. 

If you are not on social media, we want you to get on it.  This is the platform we will be using to share workouts, live and filmed classes, tips, challenges and more!


@Clubwwc – this is our main account. Starting tomorrow you will see regular posts with fitness workouts, pro-tips for badminton, tennis and squash, how to work on certain shots, kids activities and more!

@wwc_fitness – this is our NEWEST account so follow it ASAP!  This page will feature videos, workouts and challenges from our fitness department and our fitness team!  On this page you will be able to access many classes and workouts from our amazing team. 

@wwc_badminton – this account will keep you up to date with the sport, it’s status in Canada and pro tips as well as ways to train at home.  Here is your first tip… LUNGES!


We will be posting videos of classes and workouts on our Facebook Page. 

We have started a FACEBOOK GROUP PAGE called Winnipeg Winter Club Families.  Jessica will be posting ideas for kids at home, fun videos and this is an opportunity for families to see some support from each other!  You will need to request to join and we will approve it.


Twitter is limiting with how much content we can post, so this will just keep you up to date with the sports, and link you to the other pertinent information.  You can follow us at @clubwwc

See you online, stay healthy and practise safe distancing.

Yoga for Hockey Players
Common injuries hockey players are experiencing have resulted from a combination of excessive exercise, lack of recovery time, and the inability to properly stretch pre and post games.

So if you're a hockey player yourself, whether league or pick-up, here are 5 essential yoga moves to stay healthy and better your game.

1. Thread the Needle

All hockey players know that the main muscle group used during hockey is the legs. Hip flexors, in particular, are strained during overuse and repetitive motions. This type of strain occurs typically during skating, and abrupt starts and stops. This pose is used to stretch the hip flexor muscles, while avoiding tension in the upper body into the neck areas. Thread the needle allows for hockey players to soften areas of tension (hip flexors, groin) and create length and opening through these muscles.


2. Warrior I

Alongside the hips, the quads take a lot of abuse during the game of hockey. Warrior I is an ideal pose for all athletes, specifically hockey players. It allows for you to stretch out the quadriceps while strengthening the legs. Stronger legs make strong skaters, stronger skaters make for better scoring opportunity!

Warrior 1

3. Plank

Different parts of the game of hockey require different strengths and areas of the body. Plank pose, which focuses primarily on the upper body and core, is a beneficial pose for hockey players. The upper body strength obtained in plank could attribute to a harder shot, firmer passes, and better hits! The core, which stabilized the entire body allows for hockey players to develop a strong center of gravity to help keep them on two feet.


4. Warrior II

Warrior II is the complete package for a hockey player. It helps to strengthen the thighs, open the hips, and improves stamina (opening the chest and lungs), while stretching and strengthening the groin area. For big hitters and the tough guys, you will maintain a solid grounding and stability.

Warrior 2

5. Baddha Konasana

This pose works to stretch the inner thighs, groins and knees. For hockey players, this is a dream pose. Although it may not seem like a ton of exertion, it works to increase blood circulation in the lower abdomen, and calm the nervous system. As any hockey player would know, especially those in the NHL, the game moves at rapid pace, and it is the calmest players who make the best plays!