Winnipeg Winter Club Update 



We would like to welcome our new Membership Director, Brent “Bubba” Bernas. You may recognize the name if you listen to the radio – he is currently on the radio as co-host of the Morning Show on 99.1 FM.

Brent is a hardworking individual with extensive marketing, social media, and communications background where he has played a crucial role in marketing, selling and developing the brands for 3 radio stations and 1 TV station. In this role, he was able to showcase his skills of multitasking multiple job requirements among 4 different media avenues while managing a team. He was able to  organize and take the sole lead on managing brand awareness, creating client relationships, developing creative content including promotional proposals, writing press releases, and managing multiple community initiatives. He then was fortunate enough to be offered a new opportunity within Corus that has since landed him the role of the Assistant Program Director and Morning Show Host. This dual role promotion had him overseeing all radio aspects including the marketing, communications, music, and production of shows. With this greater responsibility as a key leader, he was able to experience a more dynamic role that has enabled him to expand his knowledge within the communications industry. In the 6 years at Corus Entertainment, he was able to broaden and expand his marketing knowledge to help increase brand awareness. 

In addition to his work career, he also takes great pride in being involved in the community. He is currently the media liaison for We Got This Canada as well as scheduling and delivering hampers for them. He is also the graphic designer for the Manitoba Female Hockey League and on the committee that organizes events to raise money for various charities across Manitoba including the Health Sciences Center and The Never Alone Foundation. He has a huge passion for sports, people, and loves building relationships.
Stop by the Membership office to introduce yourself and welcome Brent to the Winter Club Community. 

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JUNE 1ST, 2020

Dear Valued WWC Members,

Welcome Back!  

In order to return to the Club, we require you to do 2 things:

1) Read our Covid 19 Member Manual and familiarizing yourself with the Club protocol.

2) Sign your Member Declaration. You can do it online or in person at the front desk on your first visit.



The Winnipeg Winter Club is a private, member-owned club that offers a one-of-a-kind combination of sports and amenities in a 100,000+ square foot facility unlike any other in Manitoba. It offers a unique balance of recreation, relaxation and refreshment in the heart of Winnipeg.


WWC is a member-owned sports and social club that provides facilities, programs, and services which enhance our community through physical fitness and social connections.

What's Happening at The Club

Located at 200 River Avenue, the Winnipeg Winter Club is truly a Club where you can be proud to be a member. This is a private athletic club for individuals and families of all ages where you can enjoy a wide variety of programs and facilities in a secure and motivating environment. Social interaction, recreation and lifelong friendships are all found at the Winnipeg Winter Club.
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