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(Programs are for members only. Non-members please contact Janet Thorpe for membership information)

Why Choose Personal Training?

Make the Most of your Time.

People cite time as the primary barrier standing in the way of their fitness goals. We know that your time is valuable and personal training will cater to your busy schedule. Whether you have 60mins three times a week, 30mins twice a week or 60mins twice a month, you can start working towards your goals with a trainer today!

Goal Setting.

People who set goals are 90% more likely to be successful in their lifetime than those without goals. Sitting down with a personal trainer to sort out the fact and fiction of fitness will help you to attain SMART goals suited for your lifestyle. Every person is unique and our trainers will create a program just for you.

Motivate Me!

While we all know what it is we want and what we should be doing to live a healthy life, but sometimes we just need to have the motivation to get up and do it! Take ownership of your exercise plan and work with your trainer to test your limits and try new techniques to challenge your workouts!

What is a Personal Trainer?

A personal trainer is a coach, an educator, a motivator and a professional. A personal trainer has a genuine interest in healthy lifestyle, personal wellbeing and the wellbeing of others. A trainer’s priority is helping clients to improve the quality of life through fitness and health!

Personal Training

Starter Pack with Full Fitness Assessment – $275

This option is great for beginners or individuals looking to start a brand new program. The starter pack includes an initial consultation, individual program design, a full fitness assessment and 3 one hour training sessions!

Fitness Assessment – $80

A fitness assessment will take into consideration all your fitness abilities and limitations. Whether you are looking for to start a new program or measure your progress this session will give you answers. This assessment will include values for aerobic capacity, coordination and speed, muscular fitness, power and endurance as well as flexibility and imbalance as well as %FFM.

Private Training Sessions

Single Session / Month 30 minutes $30/session
Single Session / Month 1 hour $60/session
2-5 Sessions / Month 1 hour $55/session
6+ Sessions / Month 1 hour $50/session

Partner Training

Need that extra motivation to keep you in check? Bring a partner to your training session and work together with your trainer on an interactive program that will cater to both your needs!

Partner Training Sessions

Single Session / Month 1 hour $40/person
2-5 Sessions / Month 1 hour $35/person
6+ Sessions / Month 1 hour $30/person


Personal Trainers

The Winnipeg Winter Club is pleased to present the following certified personal trainers exclusively to you, our members!

Jeff Mitchell - Fitness Director

Jeff brings a friendly, professional, strong mind/body training approach to every program and believes the possibilities are endless.
Ext. 123

Meagan Wilson- Head Trainer

Meagan is serious about sports conditioning and functional training, her intense workouts will keep you on your toes!

Jackie Dobie

Our Club circuit guru will put you to the test in her challenging workouts! Jackie will be sure to give you results!

Barb Newman

Helping you do your very best, Barb is an enthusiastic and energetic trainer. Great at motivating her clients and helping them reach their goals and move to the next level in their training.

Please contact Fitness Director: Jeff Mitchell at ext. 123 for more information about our Personal Training Team and to set up your initial consultation.