Squash Programs - Spring/Summer 2015

Head Professional: Trevor Borland
Assistant Pros: Andrew Boumford, Tom Brown, Nicole Mailey, Dave Glass

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(Programs are for members only. Non-members please contact Janet Thorpe for membership information)

Over the past decade our program has trained 3 different National
Champions, 4 different Canadian Junior Open Champions, A
US Junior Open Champion and a Pan Am Games Champion.
Other accomplishments and opportunities that alum from our
program have taken part in over the past decade include: Junior
World Championships, Junior Pan Am Championships, The Commonwealth
Games, The Canada Games, British, Scottish, US and
Canadian Junior Opens, and the Canadian Nationals. Our junior
program has made up the majority of the Provincial Junior Team
over the past decade which travels to junior tournaments in Canada.
6 of our athletes have been part of the Canadian Junior
Several of our athletes, through squash, have had the opportunity
to take both their squash and their schooling abroad being able to
play squash at Ivy League Universities. We’ve had athletes attend
a number of Ivy League Universities including Dartmouth, Penn
and Cornell.
Our Head Professional, Trevor Borland, has been the Manitoba
Junior Provincial Team Head Coach for the past 15 years. Trevor
has been the Head Coach of the last three Canada Games Teams
in 2003, 2007, 2011 and is the Head coach for the upcoming 2015
Trevor was the assistant coach for the Canadian Junior Boys Team
at the World Championships in 2006. He was also the Head coach
of the boys team at the Pan Am Junior Championships in Peru
2008, Head coach of the Canadian Team at the 2010 World University
Championships in Australia. Trevor was the assistant coach
at the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi, India for Team Canada.
Over the past 5 years we have hosted Canada’s biggest and longest
running Professional Womens’ Tournament, The Winnipeg Winter
Club Women’s Open. This tournament attracts players from all
over the world who are playing professionally and gives our members
and our own competitive players a chance to see this high
level of squash and for some, a chance to compete with them as
We offer a once per month complimentary starter program, as well
as new member enrollment lessons to help get you started and on
your way in squash.
In our Programs we strive to help athletes reach their best as both
an athlete and a person.

This is our most popular league! Players sign up individually and
are arranged matches each week with players of a similar level.
Each week an email is sent out on the Friday to those in the league
asking whether or not you are able to play on the Monday night
coming. The lineup of matches is then sent out on the Sunday evening
so people are aware on Monday morning of whom and when
they play. Matches start as early as 5pm, so please indicate if you
have any time restrictions.
To sign up for the league please contact Trevor.
Players of all levels are welcome and needed
When: Mondays starting at 5:00 pm
Starts: April 27th-June 15th, 2015
Cost: Free

Our Starter Saturdays are designed for players either new to the
club, game, or for those playing at the beginner/novice level to get
them started in squash. Participants are taught the basics of the
game in order to help them prepare for either league of just fun
recreational play at the club. This includes, the rules, the scoring,
boundaries of the court, grip and swing. With just one or two of these
intro sessions you will be on your way. Equipment will be provided
for those who need it. Please call or email Trevor at ext. 105 or tborland@
winnipegwinterclub.com to register. New members don’t forget
to redeem your enrollment lesson as well.
When: Wednesday May 13th & June 10th 6:30-7:30 pm
Cost: Free

WWC Squash Box League
The WWC Squash Box League is new this year at the club. In our box
league, players of all levels sign up with our Pro, who arranges players
into groups of approx 4 players. Each player will have approx 5-6
weeks depending on tournaments to complete all the matches within
their group. Groups will then be re-arranged by the pro again largely
based on results and new players coming and going from the league.
Players can join the league at any time, but depending where we
are in the cycle, may have to wait a couple weeks to get started. All
matches are best of 5 games and scores must either be reported to
the pro or written in, in the box leagues posted in the lounge.
Starts: May 4th, 2015
Cost: Free


Please speak with Trevor to find out which program is right for
your child.

This program is for kids ages 3-5 years old. It is a basic introduction
to squash, through a variety of hand eye coordination activities/
games. Kids will become more familiar with the racquet, court
and balls as they learn some basics. Junior racquets and glasses are
needed for this program. Balloons and junior squash balls are used
for this program.
Focus: Fun, Hand/Eye Coordination, court and spatial
When: Tuesdays 11:15-11:45 am
Session: April 28th-June 16th, 2015
Cost: $80
Min/Max: Min 3 Max 6

This program is designed for those children between the ages of 5-
8 who want to learn to play squash. The program will be an introduction
to the basics of the game through a variety of skills, drills
and games. Mini (junior) squash racquets and glasses are needed
for this program. Junior squash balls are used in this program,
which are a great way for kids to start.
Focus: Fun, eye/hand coordination, the basics
When: Wednesdays 5:00-5:35 pm
Session: April 29th-June 17th, 2015
Cost: $90
Min/Max: Min 3 Max 9

This program is designed for youngsters ~10-15 years of age. The
program is aimed towards those new or newer to squash and who
want to have more fun as they strive to become their best. Players
will learn the technical skills they need to advance and will have a
focus on game play. Please talk to Trevor to find out which program
is best suited for your child.
Focus: Fundamental technical skills, court movements and footwork,
fun, games and tactics.
When: Thursdays 6:30-7:30pm
Session: April 30th-June 18th, 2015
Cost: $100
Min/Max Min 3 Max 9

All players must be advanced into the competitive programs by
our squash staff. If you are unsure of whether you should register
your child in any of our competitive programs, please talk to

Peanut Program/Competitive B Program
This program is designed for kids ages approx 9-13 years old who
have come through a year or two of our peanut program successfully
advancing their skills. Players will continue to develop
their skills as they work towards competing at the provincial
and national level. Players must be approved to enter the competitive
program by the pro.
Focus: Fundamental technical skills, footwork/
movements, games/tactics, intro conditioning
Session: April 29th-June 20th, 2015
When: Tuesdays 5:30-6:30/Fridays 4:15-5:15 pm
Cost: $150 2x per week and $100 1x per week

This program is designed for those Provincial level juniors ~13
years of age and older who are looking to further develop all
aspects of their games as they strive to become competitive
players. The athletes will have fun while developing their skills
and learning the game. Practices will primarily focus on drills,
fitness and game play.
Focus: fundamental technical skills, conditioning, footwork/
movements, games/tactics.
Session: May 5th-June 19th, 2015
When: Tues 4:00-5:30 pm/Friday 5:15-6:45 pm
Cost: $165 2x per week and $100 1x per week

$29 per half hour lesson
$37 per 45 min lesson
$45 per 1 hour lesson
$20 each per 45 min lesson
$25 each per 1 hr lesson
Private lessons can be arranged through Trevor for the morning,
afternoon or evening.
If you are looking for just a game with some helpful hints, you
can play the pro for $25 for a 30 min match. Whether you want
it to be a weekly game or just a once in a while, contact Trevor
to play him or one of the other staff.

Lessons must be cancelled 24 hours in advance or client will be
charged full session rate. (Please phone if you know you will
have to cancel, exceptions can be made)


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