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14th Century: The first recorded version of goggles may have been polished or layers of polished tortoise shells in Persia
16th Century: The Persian goggles were imported to Venice.
18th Century: Polynesian skin divers used deep wooden frames. By keeping the face facing downward, air was trapped and protected the eyes from the salt water. Once glass became available (in Polynesia from European explorers) they were the first to incorporate glass lenses, though they were not fully waterproof and were easily dislodged.

The annual Spring Break Tri racquet camp will be running March. 26th - March 30th, here at the WWC. The camp is for kids ages 8-14 at the beginner or intermediate level. Participants will take part in 1.5 hours each in each of our three racquet sports of Squash, Tennis and Badminton. Participants will also get to choose their lunch from a menu each day and finish the day with an hour in the pool. For more information and to register, please visit us by clicking here for special member pricing. 

(Effective Friday February 23rd, 2018)


*When entering / leaving the courts, respect any matches / games that are in progress and enter / leave the courts quickly when a game has ended, or there is a suitable break in play.
*Do not retrieve your ball from the other court.
*Please leave the court promptly at the end of your booking and do not enter your court sooner than your booked court time. The lounge or gym is available for waiting or pre-game warm up and post-game cool down or wrap up.
*Please mute mobile phones. *No profanity.
*Keep your voice down and confined to your court as much as possible so as not to disrupt players on adjacent courts.

You can still purchase tickets for our fantastic Pop-Up Shop and fashion show event hosted tonight in support of Gowns for Grads Winnipeg!
Tickets are $25 and include appetizers. You can shop at our 8 vendors including Sonja Rosenberg Jewelry, Von Bros Grooming, Tin Feather Cosmetics, Sweet Legs Leggings, Amanda Lynn Gluten Free Perogies, House of Ace Handbags and Accessories, Norwex and Arbonne.