Our Winter Program Guide is available for pick up at the front desk.

You can also view it online here.

The last AquaFit class of 2016 will be this Friday, December 16th.

What to get the person on your list that is impossible for you to buy for?

We have recently added 2 new clubs to our reciprocal clubs listing. Take advantage of your reciprocal club privileges at The Racquet Club of Philadelphia and The Derrick Club in Edmonton.

This renovation project has been filled with challenge, as many renovation projects are, but with solid perseverance, we have made it through. The WWC staff were great at cleaning up after the construction workers and remaining positive while being removed from their comfort zones. We had to relocate offices to broom closets on the 2nd floor, conduct fitness classes on the badminton and squash courts, and come up with a temporary club entrance….these are just a few of the challenges encountered.